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Let’s face it. We all hate those awkward social encounters. We’ve just left the yoga or gym studio, we have sweat in our butt crack, our athletic bra is soaked all the way through and the last thing we want is a run in with someone we know. We are all active, busy women who don’t have the time to run home and shower after a hard session. We deal with the sweaty body and hope we go unnoticed. Well, we don’t. And that was the genesis behind the ETIMI jacket.

Why should women give up looking pulled together just because we finished our workout?  

Why do we feel that fashion needs to go by the wayside when we leave the gym?

Women want a jacket they can put on BEFORE and AFTER their workout that makes them feel beautiful, put together and fashionable.  Real women with real lives need an après jacket that’s on trend and comfortable enough for you to tackle your day and still look beautiful.

Manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, the ETIMI jacket is made of soft, breathable, 100% Merino wool.

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