Caring for your Workout Gear

Caring for your Workout Gear

So now you’ve invested in quality products that are soaked with hard earned sweat – what now?  The importance of caring for garments is grossly underappreciated and misunderstood.  Whatever you do, do NOT just blindly throw your pile into the washer and dryer for a normal spin.  Chances are your clothes will be ruined or shrunk beyond the point of no return.  Know how to care for them before it’s too late, these are important pieces in any woman’s closet!

Read the Labels!

This may seem obvious, but nobody knows the product better than the company who made them.  Take the time to understand the symbols and check out the website if you have further inquiries.

Sweat – Wash – Repeat

The sooner you throw those sweaty clothes in to get washed, the better.  Nothing is worse than leaving them to dry and stain – not to mention the smell that can produce.  Yikes!

Be Gentle

If the labels check out, trust your delicate cycle on the washing machine.  After they’re squeaky clean, do NOT reach for that dryer door.  Instead, invest in a drying rack and lay those clothes out to dry the old fashioned way.  It’s better for the environment and the longevity of your clothes.

Happy sweating!



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