ETIMI: We’re on a Mission

As women on the go, we juggle a lot every day, including our workout at the gym or studio.  We take time to choose our workout wear, pull our hair back, and get ready for the hour of exercise ahead of us.  So, why do we throw fashion to the wayside when we LEAVE the gym?  Often we have a million things to do after a workout, so we forget about looking stylish.

But I cringe every time I need to stop at the grocery store because I feel “exposed” in my workout clothes. I’m always looking for something in the backseat of my car to wrap around my waist.  Although I consider myself fit for my age, I don’t necessarily want the world to see me in my black yoga pants. The worst part is that I feel like I have to give up looking great to cover up.

Nothing says “ugh” more than a winter coat over workout clothes.  But what’s a woman to do? Why does fashion fail us when it comes to workout outerwear? 

I love taking care of myself and fashion is an important part of my life.  I want beauty in the shortest amount of time, and I want to look fabulous even when I leave the gym or studio.  I know I’m not the only one!

That’s how ETIMI Outerwear came to be. I thought, why isn’t there a jacket that women can put on BEFORE or AFTER the gym that makes them feel beautiful and fashionable?  We all know how hot, sweaty, and exhausted we are after a workout. Wouldn’t it be great to have post-workout wear designed for women? Real women with real lives need an après-gym jacket that’s on trend and comfortable enough to let them hit the supermarket, pick up the kids, stop by the office, and still look amazing.

ETIMI Outerwear is a fashion and lifestyle brand geared towards active women on the go. It’s designed to deliver comfort and effortless style in any setting.  Our first piece which is an alluring, functional jacket made with breathable 100% wool fabric can be slipped on after a workout.  You are ready to go about your day with confidence. You’ll no longer be looked at; you’ll be seen. We promise! That’s ETIMI.

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