Love your feet!

Love your feet!  It’s no secret that a woman’s kryptonite are shoes.  Each style and pair serves a purpose for our closet and we can never get enough!  So while date nights, work outfits, and every occasion in-between seems to have a special shoe to match, that much attention and care should go into the process of buying shoes to workout in.  Just simply reaching for the trendiest athletic shoes or searching for the best bargain isn’t enough and won’t serve you in the long run.  The technology and features integrated into the athletic shoe industry is incredible and very specific, allowing for more precise decision-making when it comes to what activities and endurance level you’re focusing on.  Comfort is key with every shoe and believe it or not, certain shoes are better for certain activities!  We broke down the basics in what you should be looking for in a shoe depending on the sweat-producing activity you’re invested in:


  • Look for a shoe that has a memory foam footbed.  This allows for molded comfort over a long period of time, which means no sore feet and a longer walk to explore and enjoy nature!


  • Look for a shoe that has a very low clearance to the ground from heel to foot; aka not an excessive amount of cushion that is sloped or supported in one area more than another.  This allows for better stability between moves and a shoe with a tough guard around the top of the toes makes for seamless burpees and zero toe pain.


  • While these classes don’t require shoes, that doesn’t mean the commute has to be boring!  A pair of classic retro trainers are always a go-to, as well as a pair of high top sneakers, perfect and comfy for a longer commute.  They also double as the perfect transition piece from workout to hangout.

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