Never neglect the time your body needs to recover.

No matter how much scheduling it took to squeeze in that workout, never neglect the time your body needs to recover afterwards!

Cooling down with stretches or a walk is what your body needs to regroup, so why not do the same for your appearance? After a hard workout, nothing is worse than leaving that hard earned layer of sweat on your face. Your pores will get clogged and become more susceptible to breakouts the longer you leave it alone. Throw some wipes in your bag to rid of sweat if there’s no time for a shower. If anything, the rest of your body can handle dirty skin better than your face, so it’s top priority.

Another easy fix to cleanse and refresh is to buy a bottle of orange blossom water. The international sections of grocery stores carry the water for a very reasonable price. And the best part? The water is so concentrated that you can dilute it with ⅔ water making your supply last longer, and you’re not overwhelmed by the strong fragrance. It’s the cheapest way to achieve a luxury level scent and your skin will thank you for this organic approach! Grab a travel size spray bottle, create your concoction, and take it with you. It’s perfect for any moment you need to re-energize and freshen up!

Along with wiping down and refreshing with water, don’t forget your body needs to intake water! After all of that sweating and detoxing, water is the best recovery. Don’t worry about a high amount in a short period of time, but simply focus on a consistent replenishment, even do so when you’re taking that cool down lap! As women on the go we can’t forget to look fabulous post workout.



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