The Essentials for the Gym

Your work day is over, and you just pulled into the gym ready to focus and sweat it all out.  Exchanging your briefcase for your duffel should be a breeze knowing you have everything needed to conquer that workout.  There’s nothing worse than having your mind and body ready to go – but you forgot the little details.  We picked some of our favorite “odds and ends” items that are essential to having a successful sweat!

Deodorant – there’s nothing worse than trying to workout when all you can think of – and smell – is yourself.  Pick up a travel sized deodorant and keep it in your bag at all times!

Roller perfume – instead of spraying all over in the locker room or your car post-workout, avoid being overwhelmed by investing in a simple roller perfume!  You never know when dinner or drink plans will come up, so when you’re at the gym and you get that text with no time to spare after, you know you will be the best smelling woman!

Band aids/tape – while certain injuries can completely debilitate our ability to enjoy the gym, smaller things like blisters or cuts can easily be taken care of with a bandaid and some medical tape for reinforcement.  Now nothing can stop you!

Socks – you’re out running errands, trying to check some things off your list before you go to your workout class.. Only to get ready to change out of your boots or sandals into your sneakers – but you forgot socks!  Not only is a sockless session uncomfortable, but it’s not the most hygienic either.. Leaving you with no choice but to always have a pair ready to go in your bag.

Hair accessories – no matter the cut and style, we can all agree hair gets in the way when we sweat.  A combination of headbands, hats, hair ties, and bobby pins are a must!  Keep a handful of the ones you like best in a small pouch so you’re not trying to keep flyaway hair out of your face the whole time.

Nutrition bar – forgot to eat a meal before your trek to the gym?  Don’t have enough time post-workout to grab a meal before you head to the office?  By stashing a nutrition bar in your bag like one of our favorites, Luna, you’ll never compromise your energy again!






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