These Types of Fabrics Should Be on your Body When Working Out

You don’t have to be a fabrics expert to know what works best for your body when you break a sweat!  We’ve compiled a list for you to keep in mind the next time you go to buy a pair of yoga/workout pants or tank.


While 100% cotton will be great for your skin it’s not so great for your sweat leaving you smelling not-so-great and damp.  Spandex will help wick away moisture and cool you down while keeping a tight hold on your body so you don’t feel the distraction of loose fabric.


For the cooler (and warmer) days, you can’t go wrong with wool.  It creates a warm pocket of air for constant circulation close to your body; perfect for those workouts!  Lightweight wool doesn’t retain odors, so keep that in mind next time you plan on staying in an outfit for a long period of time post-sweating. One of the many reasons why the ETIMI jacket is made from 100% Australian Marino wool.


Never overlook this important factor to battle the elements; Gore-Tex! This synthetic coating is known to be on certain running and hiking shoes, and outer-layers of outdoor gear to help protect you from the wind, rain, etc.  The best part about it?  Your sweat is still able to escape and evaporate away from your skin!

With this knowledge now in your power, we encourage you to pay special attention to the workout clothes and outerwear you invest in!  Soon enough you’ll be head to toe in the smartest clothes to enjoy the most out of your sweat session.


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