What’s in your bag?

“What’s in your bag?” Whether it’s an evening bag, a casual tote for day or a beach bag, admit it, you just can’t get enough of that feature when it appears in your favorite weekly gossip mag (You know the magazine I am talking about. It only has two letters and it rhymes with FUSS or BUS). All that’s great but the only problem is that they never seem to cover off on “What’s in Your Gym Bag?” More importantly, what are the must-have products that editors and influencers can’t go without when it comes to getting that “I looked like I never worked out” post-workout glow? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the websites and Instagram accounts of some of your favorite stylish peeps to find out what they can’t leave the house without.

  1. The Perfect Toiletry Tote

You have the perfect gym bag. It’s just that chic that people can’t even recognize that it’s just that, a sweaty gym bag (with an odor-absorbing lining-of course). Now all you need is a toiletry bag to match.

Sephora is the “Queen Bag” when it comes to finding the right travel accessory. There are tons to choose from but we like these two the best.

For the Displayer: Sephora Pull It Together Travel Bag

This convenient fold-out travel cosmetic and toiletry case will stop you from cursing every time you go digging in your bag. This soft nylon bag carries all your travel toiletries and cosmetics and opens up into a 20-inch flat surface. You’ve may reveal your “baggage” to the ladies in the locker room but who cares if you can get out of there 5 minutes earlier.  $26 Sephora

For the Organizer: The Gallivanter Clear to Go: 3 in 1 Bags

A set of three stylish clear travel bags, featuring colorful travel-themed designs that stack into each other. This set makes organizing your larger and smaller products super simple while keeping you in check so that you only tote what is necessary.  $18 Sephora

  1. The Best All-In One Kit For the Girl Who Just Can’t Get it Together : Tarte Cosmetics Gym Bag Grabs Athleisure Essentials

If you’re always running late because you can never decide what products you actually need to bring in your gym bag, then the Tarte Kit is your gym bag jam. This kit comes with four gym bag-friendly, vegan (ADDED BONUS) beauty staples that will lift lashes, rehydrate your skin, and moisten your lips before, during or after your sweat sesh.  $29 Available on tarte.con


Doesn’t this list just make you want to get up and pack your gym bag.



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